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Aliens borrowed woman's camera

Aliens Borrowed Woman's Camera Just Before Post Office Trip

Portland,Oregon - August 16, 2015

Today, word was received from Portland, Oregon, that Mrs. Cissy Horne had a strange encounter with those who could only be of alien descent.

"I know it was them," she proclaimed, "They did it when I went to pee just before goin' down to the Post Office; they was in my kitchen at my desk. I just know that it was them that them opened up that box and took that dang camera out and then hid somewhere in the house. And wouldn't ya know that while I was down at the Post Office, they came out of hidin' and put that camera back on my desk – just to mess with me."

In tears, she continued, "An' I even took out insurance on that box! All for nothin'"

Our reporter did verify that indeed the camera was sitting right there on the desk.

"I been see'n figures outside the window at night an' I heard noises," she continued. "I done told Henry – he's my husband, ya know – that somebody was messin' around outside. But ya know how men is, they never pay attention. Well, now, jus' look!

"Ya know, they took me up in one of them there space ships once. I reckon I ain't never gonna forget that. They drilled holes into my brain and filled it up with all kinds of knowledge stuff – that's how I done know'd it was them!"

Calls to the local police department were ignored.

In other news - The following is a recent video of a ghost taken in a Forest in Eastern Europe. First time ever that we get to see the ghost in slow motion. Please use caution, this is NOT for the faint of heart! Slow Ghost

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