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Aliens borrowed woman's camera

Rock - Poem by Sasquatch

Update - September 19, 2015

What Happened to Angie?

While out and about, an old friend called. It seemed he had a story he thought I might be interested in hearing and wanted to meet. To protect his identity, we'll call him Simon. It seems that Simon wanted to tell me about a dream he'd had the night before. He related his dream as we caught up with each other at lunch over the special "onion" we ordered.

"I could have sworn it was just a dream," he said, "that is until I saw the kitchen stove this morning."

When I pressed for more details, he continued, "Well, after I took care of my morning duties and dressed, I wandered into the kitchen for a cup of tea. I love that Pike's Market Orange Spice," he said as an aside. "Now, on my way to the kitchen, I stopped by Angie's cage to feed her. Oh! Angie is my pet mouse.

"But she wasn't in her cage. I wasn't too worried at first, she's gotten loose before. Casper, that's my cat, knows to leave her alone. He was just sitting there looking at me as if to say 'I didn't do it!'

"I went on into the kitchen figuring Angie would show up soon. But then I saw the stove and it stopped me cold!

"Now, to get back to my dream, I'd been sleeping, sound as a baby, but I could hear a droning, whirring noise. At first it was kind of soothing - comforting, actually - it lulled me deeper under the covers. But then, it got louder and louder until finally it woke me. As I sat up in bed, I could see a really bright light shining through the window blinds - just like you see in the movies! I thought 'what the . . .'

"Then I started hearing noises, banging, popping, cracking, and then on the other side of my door, a scratching sound. I tell you, even in my dream, I wasn't about to open that door! The noises went away and, well, you know how dreams are, once the sound went away and the light was gone, I was fine. I thought to myself, I went back to sleep, no longer worried.

"So when I awoke this morning, I barely remembered having a dream. That is until I walked into the kitchen and I saw this! I had to take this picture, because I don't think anyone would believe me otherwise!" he said as he handed me the photo.

"Tell me, what do you think this was? I've never seen anything like it!

"I don't know who it was or what it was that was in there. Was it a ghost? I don't know. Was it an alien? I don't know. Did Sasquatch want a snack? Again, I don't know.

"But whoever or whatever he was, he was a powerful being. He left a reflection of himself in this kettle here!"

In other news
The following is a recent video of a ghost taken in a Forest in Eastern Europe. First time ever that we get to see the ghost in slow motion. Please use caution, this is NOT for the faint of heart!
Slow Ghost

Alien Encounters
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