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Update - September 11, 2015

El Sasbo Visits Office

Since my office is in a very secluded location, it doesn't get many visitors. Just the fact that there was a booming at the door, told me it was probably my old friend, El Sasbo. He was wandering through the woods, on his way from Sasquatch Nation to Jungle Nation and wanted to drop by for a chat.

Normally, when El Sasbo is around, there is no knock. His knock was a sign of deep respect for me and my work with Alien Encounters. He told me he had a nice poem that he thought you all would find interesting.

"Me yam busy since me saw you'am electric page. Me still no figure why you no use paper for news. You'am paper make great poop cleaner-upper. Electric paper no good for anything! Me yam not know what make human tickle. Maybe it yam that funny cover on you'am body. Not know why you no have nice silky fur like me."

I tried to explain that the world had been changing for quite some time now, and that "electric paper" was called a website.

"What good electric web, spiders can't use it, spider get burnt crispy! Crispy spider no good to eat! Me likes em soft and gooey. It yam special yum yum with red berry."

As I tried to explain to El Sasbo that the website was not for spiders, he became frustrated and even I know better than to mess with a frustrated Sasquatch, so I asked how I could help.

He replied, "Me yam here for poem, take poem, put on electric paper. Me want people know me yam gots culture too. Look, take. This yam what me see. This show me like pretty words too. Maybe people stay away now. They yam see me like them! Me even had me image snatched." Handed me a picture of him sitting along the road watching cars drive by.

As I took the dirty crumpled paper from his hands, I was amazed at the insight of this large creature who has been so misunderstood throughout the years. His beautiful words are published for your enjoyment:


A Poem by El Sasbo of Sasquatch Nation

See rock!
See rock sit?
See rock get hot?
Rock, rock, rock.....

See rock!
See rock not move?
See rock get cold?
Rock, rock, rock....

See rock!
Rock now break.
Rock no longer rock.
Rock now sand.
Rock, rock,rock.

No see rock no more.
Rock now in concrete
Concrete make rock into road
Rock, rock, rock.

Now rock goes on for miles and miles
Rock now road connecting lives
Rock now useful as road
Rock, rock, rock

Cars go over rock
Rock is famous now


In other news
The following is a recent video of a ghost taken in a Forest in Eastern Europe. First time ever that we get to see the ghost in slow motion. Please use caution, this is NOT for the faint of heart!
Slow Ghost

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